A chock full suitcase

I have been saving more then one full year for this holiday! Off to a tropical island, who would’nt want to go!? Together with my best friend we are about to leave to the Caribbean. Once we arrived at the Airport we had a slight moment of panic due to the weight of our suitcases being to much. So there we are trying to take things out, rearrange it for the better.

Not completely alone because there was this one helpful employee of the airport. When we tried to check in our suitcases were refused immediately. The lady behind the counter spoke to us in a blunt and indecent maner while we were trying to keep our cool and be nice as possible. Then there was this man, our saviour! Well to be honest I think he knew how his collegea could get and thought we might need some help. Or was he thinking something else?

He helped us carry away the suitcases and we dissapeared in a quit corner. Here we had the opportunity to take out some stuff out of our suitcases to put them in our hand luggage. Luckily there was some room in the hand luggage. So stupid of us, these inflatable things we could have bought on destination as well.

We thanked the guy for helping but he did not seem to be in any rush to get away from us soon. When I finished closing my suitcase he told me to bring the suitcase so we could weight it to be sure. The scale is over there. So I tell my friend to wait a moment for me. I will be right back so you can finish your suitcase without feeling rushed and stuff. She nodded her sweaty forehead and continued packing.

You know what I wanted

I walked behind him, aren’t we there yet? This is not what you said closeby? But I kept walking behind him. We walked through one door, another one. Then we arrived at an elivator. Two floors downstairs? But still I wasn’t asking anything. Neither did I feel unsave or nervous, it just went the way it went. We moved through a coridor and then he put down my suitcase. He took out his keys and opened the door in front of him. He looked at me, nodded his head and got inside. I finally spoke: But my suitcase? It’s ok he replied. I followed him, he locked the door. What I was thinking? Nothing really, stupid isn’t it? It was just a goodlooking guy and that’s it. He looks at me and sais: You know what I wanted from the first moment I laid my eyes on you? I nodded and laughed, a little shy all of the sudden.

He doubted not one moment after my nodding and smiling and stepped forward, grabbed my waist and started kissing me passionate. I kissed him back because the way he laid his touch on me I knew whatever his plan was he would do it good. We kissed, his hands around my waist, one hand went down right to my sensitive spot. He stopped kissing, took off his shirt and his pants. He then lifted me up against the wall and started riding my lowerbody while kissing in my neck.

I started shaking, thought about my friend who was still waiting, but decided then to give into it. He took my panty and slided it to the side to slip his dick into my pussy. Had I been so wet? He just slided in to easily. I saw him licking his fingertips and then he put his fingers between my legs on my clit. He touched the spot just the way it needed to be touched. I was thinking all kind of things and at the same time all I could do was feel. His dick that fitted perfectly and was gliding in and out in this perfect rhythm. His fingers touching my clit , kisses in my neck. I started moaning softly because this just felt to good.

He started fucking me harder

He started fucking me harder and I could not keep quit any longer. He placed his hand over my mouth to dim the sound. He was still holding me against the wall. All of the sudden he stopped, put me on the ground and took away his hand. He seemed to be listening. Was somebody coming? I think this took about 10 seconds. It was too long. His hand still around his dick, I took a quick glimpse. Big and shiny, my hornyness all over his dick. I was so horny, would he finish what we started? He then kissed me and turned me around. My face against the wall. I felt his dick against my butt, he slapped my butt with his dick. Still surprised about what had happened, the time, the place and this guy who had been fucking me up against the wall. All of the sudden all my thoughts dissapeared because his dick entered my butthole. And lett me tell you I have got myself some ass so his push was one heavy push.

Now he moved real slow, ok this is nice. I did not expect this? I think he felt me relaxing my body and that was his signal to move up the tempo. I felt some pain, but the good feeling was stronger. No pain no game I thought to myself. I licked my own fingers and placed them between my legs. I rubbed my clit and started moaning soon. He started fucking me harder and I could hear him making noise as well now. I couldn’t take it anymore and pushed myself back from the wall and I backed down my upperbody. But that made his dick come in even deeper. My knees got soft, the rhythm changed. I could not hold in any longer and bit on my fingers to keep down the crying noise I was making now. I came. My knees couldn’t hold my body any longer. But I tried to keep standing up because he was fucking hard and deep. Then all of the sudden he took his dick out and I felt this warm wetness all over my ass. Did he just come on my ass? Something so fucking horny I never felt before.

I could hear the sound of something like paper being ripped. Did he whipe off his sperm from my ass? We did not speak but starting dressing ourselves. I tried to get my hair decent. He opened the door and looked around the corner. Nodded at me and we started walking. He took my suitcase, through the corridor, in the elevator back upstairs. There was my girlfriend standing. Oh she seemed like she just finished packing. Ze looked at me, held her head a little diagonal and gave me this sneaky smile. I knew she knew. This is gonna be a good vacation!