She did not know I had seen her. She is my collaegues wife, and I just saw here with another man in the bushes. She was sucking his dick deep and firmly. I have been watching for a while now, as long as I dared to keep watching without getting caught. Then I got this idea and I decided to film them.

Michelle is a beautiful young woman with gorgeous long, sexy legs and a good set of hips. Small waistline and a great firm ass. Then she has the best titties in the world, something I personally really like. To compliment this all her face is like that of an angel. I bet this beautiful face will be covered in sperm in a while.

It’s Thursday afternoon and it is my noon off. I know my colleague is at work because he just took my shift over. I decided to be cheaky and I called Michelle with a small excuse. She is at home and expects me in about an hour. Quickly I jump under the shower, give my balls and cock a very good rubbing and shave everything.

She wears a turtleneck which nicely contours her big breasts

I ring her doorbell and she opens in a sexy outfit like she always does. This black turtleneck with long sleeves which hugs her breats beautifully. Underneath she has on a long black skirt just over her knies. Come in Paul, she kindly speaks. When we are settled on the coach with a cup of coffee she looks up to me and asks me what the real reason is behind my visit.

I decide to play open carts immediately. Well you know Michelle, I did not know your husband was not enough for you. He always speaks so highly about you and your sexlife together. I just assumed that it was good and enough. She looks at me as if she does not understand what I am saying, so I take my phone and show here the video I made from her. It is very clear that it is her in the video while she is sucking another mens dick.

Well, she mumbles, sometimes I have this hunger for more and then I need to have a taste of it. Somewhat ashamed she looks down. Well I can do two things, I can remove the video and forget about it. She looks up to me with this hopeful look in her eyes. Or I forward it to your husband. She has now gotten all red cheeks and stares at her feat.

I caress her sexy legs, she pushes my hand away almost immediately

I caress her sexy legs, she pushes my hand away almost immediately. No, she tells me, that’s not how I am. Well Michelle, the video does show this side of you very clearly. If you prefer me to send the video right now? Ik leave that sentence as is and put my hand back on her legs. This time she does’t push my hand away, not even when I go all the way up till underneath her shirt.

Please stand up for me I almost command her. She still looks very insecure and ashamed with her eyes to the floor but she stands up. Please take off your turtleneck. Really slow the takes it off. I get a glimpse off her sun browned skin, her tiny waist and a cherry red bra. When the piece of clothing is on the floor I tell her to take off her bra as well. This time she handles it with a little more playfulness. She unfastens it on her back, takes out one hand first while the other hand keeps her bra in place. And then she takes out her other arm. While still holding her bra in front of her breasts.

I pull at the strings of her bra and slowly she allows the bra to fall down.Finally I get to see these beautiful big and perky breast, her nipples are stiff. You enjoy this, don’t you Michelle? A little, she whispers soft. Still she won’t look me in my face.

Already it is hard as a rock and I start jerking off as she bends down to take off her skirt.

Now take off your skirt, but do it real slow. And turn around if you feel more comfortable that way. She turns around just as I expected and and without making any sound I open my zipper and take out my dick. Which is hard as a rock and I start jerking off as she bends down to take off her skirt. Her firm round ass with this tiny tong around it in front of me showing.

I stare at her nice ass and fluids already drip out of my dick. This woman is so fine is all I can think about right now. I tell her to turn around en she sees me playing with myself. Still she won’t look at me, but she can’t take here eyes of my dick neither.

A small wet spot has formed in her thong. I tell her to kneel down for me. Slowly she kneels down in front off me with her eyes still on my dick. Touch your nipples and play with them I command her. She touched her breasts and starts streaking them slowly and sensually. Finally she stops staring at my dick and looks me straight in my face. I can see in her face that she is fucking horny and I ask her if she wants to taste my dick.

She nodds yes but she doesn’t speak a word. Still with this timid look she bends forward to take my dick between her lips. When her tong touches the glans of my penis I feel shiffers in my body. I have been thinking about this moment for so long. Her warm mouth all around my dick and now slowly my dick is dissapearing deep within her throat. With my hand on her head I take her hairs and start to take a little control. With the rithim I give she’s sucking my dick and her free hand is touching my under belly.

She opens her mouth and her lust takes over her fears

I tell her to wait and quickly I take off my clothes. I push my dick up against her soft lips. She opens her mouth and her lust takes over her fears. Passionally she starts sucking my dick as if she were a child with a lollypop. Her hands are softly massaging my balls.

When I am almost at that point to come, which is way to fast but her dicksucking skills are the best, I tell here to take place on the coach with her legs wide open for me. Without any hesitation she takes place on the coach and opens her legs. Now I kneel down and start licking her clit. Her wetness is glistening and I lick it all. She tasts extremely sweat and horny. As I am sucking on her klit I can feel her body starting to tremble. She is coming and finally she makes some sounds. Sorry neighbours. At this point I put two vingers up in her and put them on the right spot inside of her vagina.

Within two minutes she comes again but she is squirting all over me

Within two minutes she comes again but she is squirting all over me from her juicy cunt. I am all covered with her juices. I try to lick it off as much as possible and tell her to sit down on her knees on the couch. I get back behind her and fill up her pussy with my dick. I am fucking her hard now and she moans and groans so horny.

Her pussy all wet but still good and tight. Just a few minutes later I inject my sperm all up in her cunt. Fuck your pussy is good! I take my dick out of her pussy and she asks me smiling. So, now you will delete that video won’t you? Well I tell her also smiling. I don’t think so, I just might return when I am horny.