I enjoy and he is watching?

He send me a text message. He suppose to have some sort of surprise for me. What he meant with that was a complete riddle for me. But thing happened like he said. I came out of work and opened the door. Something really good was cooking in the kitchen because the smell was irresistable. Ahhh, that’s so sweet! He cooked diner for me. Oven chicken and all kind of food with it. Salad, patatoes. I washed my hands and took place at the diner table where he arranged everything on beautifully. He gave me a kiss and poured me a glass of my favourite wine.

I thought this was all but after diner he told me: Dear have a nice hot shower, I will clear everything here. I found this a little strange. But I gave him a big kiss, thanked him and went upstairs. Maby he just wanted some, if you get what I mean by that. Fine, he will get some then. Already delighted at the thought of some sexy time I took a good shower and looked up some nice lingerie and put this on.

A strange man on my couch?

With my bathrobe over my lingerie I went downstairs to find the entire living room lighted with candles. But where was he? I had to squeeze my eyes because of the darkness to see someone sitting on the couch. But looking at the posture of this man that was not my husband. I could immediately see it was someone larger then that. I saw my husband getting out of the kitchen, walking over to me and kissing me on my lips. He took my face into his hands and said: I arranged this for you. You know how I love it when you are being spoiled. Tonight I watch and you enjoy.

From this point on I knew there was nothing I could say anymore. He knew how much I needed and that sometimes he did not have enough energy to satisfy all my need. Sometimes he felt like he was doing me short. And that is why he came up with this idee. I knew for sure that was it. I took place on the couch next to this strange man. He told me he was a professional and that my husband hired him. He asked me if I would surender myself to him. I looked up to my husband and then replies with a yes.

That was the signal this man was waiting for and he opened my bathrobe to find me in my lingerie. He stared at me for a while, really admiring my body. Then he gestured to come stand in front of him. My bathrobe fell of off my shoulders. He grapped my buttocks and pulled me towards him. He kissed my belly and went right downwards. In all the right places he touched me at the right time. A warm feeling was coming from my underbelly. I looked sideways for a moment where I found my husband sitting on a chair with his legs wide and his dick out of his pants. This made me horny in an instant.

He watches while jerking off

After taking of my panties he lett me sit on the couch. He did not take it slow, but there was no need to do so neither. This was lust, nothing more nothing less. He sat down on his knees in front of me and spread my legs. His head went between my thighs right to my clit. He didn’t lick like many men would do but he gently sucked me clit while his hands were on my hips and ass carressing and pinching them. I leaned a little backwards which made my ass move up a little for him to have better access to my pussy.

He took that moment right away and I felt two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. This all while he kept sucking my klit. I looked to the side once more and noticed my husband jerking off. He did it in a calm and slow way and was looking at me with this enormous horny look in his eyes. He winked at me and blow me a kiss. I lett my head fall down back into the cushions and surrended to this delicious fingerfucking and pussy sucking moment. I did not take long for me to get my first orgasm. But the man did not stop then and there!

He continued fingerfucking me. Then he stood up, took off his pants and lett me sit on my knees on the coach with my ass towards him. I felt a long hard dick smacking my ass. Teasing sliding between my legs from my butthole to my labia. He did this for a few shorts minutes while I was horny as fuck by these movements. My whole body was asking for a thick hard cock. As if he read my thoughts he pushed his dick in one subtle movement into my pussy.

I saw my husband was jerking off in faster tempo, like he was on this point to have an orgasm. He is the kind of man that comes fast. He doesn’t stop after that but he does come fast. While this man was fucking me and his big cock was stretching my pussy one of his fingers was now playing with my butthole. First teasing and then he pushed his finger into my butthole.

I tried to position my body somewhat better, like I was waiting for a double penetration. I never felt that before and I always wanted to experience that. Now something unusual happened. One finger up in my ass. All my muscles were contracting. He kept fucking my pussy hard and his finger was moving in and out my ass. I moaned load at this point. He sticked in a second finger. I forgot about the neighbours at this pount. The sound of his body slapping into my ass could be heard vert clearly and that made me even more horny. I was on the point of another orgarm. I looked at my husband and told him as some sort of approvement: honey I am coming. If you come as well now, will you fuck me in my ass to finish this?