My daughters girlfriend (part 1)

Hi, nice of you to read about my experience. I am Peter (not my real name), 48 years old and got the sweetest daughter who is 17 years old. Her mom and I are divorced and my princess (that’s how I call my daughter) stays over at my house every weekend. Sometimes by herself but often she brings home a girlfriend as well. Her girlfriend Chanty is a sweet, mellow girl and somehow this girl became the topic of this story.

It’s Friday afternoon and I send a text to my princess to ask her if she is planning to stay at my house this weekend. Next Monday she is going on a holiday for 3 whole weeks so I would like to see her before she leaves. Yes dad, but can you take me to the airport then? And can I bring Chanty too? Ofcourse I text her back, let’s have a great weekend!

The girls arrive and sit on the coach, time flies by this weekend and before I know it it’s Sunday evening. Chanty, are you coming along tomorrow to bring my princess to the airport? Yes sure she replies, I’d love that! So that’s how we are going to that, great it will be fun! The next morning we get up really early to bring my princess to the airport.

She keeps on showing me really sexy outfits

On the way home Chanty tells me she doesn’t want to go home yet. I would like you to go shopping with me. Sure no problem, this old man will join, why not. She smiles and seems to get a blush I notice. Why she is blushing I will find out an hour later. We walk through the city looking for bargains and good deals. She keeps on showing me really sexy outfits though. When we finally finish I got my arms full with bags. We decide to take a break and have something to drink.

After this she takes me to a lingerie shop. I don’t know if this is such a good idea I tell her. Why not? You are like a father to me. And yes she is kind of right with that. She picks out some lingerie and is fitting them. Then she calls me, Peter, can you help me? I need to close this. Or just bring your hand in here. I take my hand inside and can feel her breast, her nipple is stiff. Quickly I take my hand back. But she holds him, takes it back to her breasts and whispers; you see? It don’t fit.

The curtain is moving aside and there she is. Now I understand why her bra doesn’t fit. It is on the floor and so is her thong. There she stands completely naked in this perfect slim body of hers. With this sneaky smile , come in she sais and she pulls my arm. I am to surprised to say no, and she immediately goes down on her knees and feels my pants. She opens my zipper, then my belt and button. Before I really understand what is happening my penis is already all the way up her throat.

Ok, if this is what you really want? Then we will do it my way. I take her head and start pushing my dick further up inside her throat. I can hear she is having trouble swallowing it and I push a little further in her throat. I doesn’t take long for me to come in her mouth. She swallows it all and licks my balls on top of it. Quickly we start dressing us back and leave the dressingroom.

I decide I will pay for her sexy new stuff and I see her smiling from ear to ear. Then let’s go home now she sais. Mine of yours? Hahaha, well I believe we were not finished yet Peter so let’s go to yours. I am fine with that.

I can’t do this, it is even forbidden, she is 16!

When we arrive home we first take a cup of coffee. And I confess to her that I do feel some guild about this all. She is only 16 and the best friend of my daughter. I can’t do this, won’t do anymore and that is even forbidden. She is thinking for a while and then replies: maby is it forbidden but if I like it and want it and nobody ever finds out then what’s really the problem? I can see how you are looking at me, I know you really enjoy seeing my body. To give these words more power she started undressing herself, again.

She is so gorgeous, I look at her standing naked in my livingroom. Quickly I decide to close the curtains, we don’t want any nosy neighbours to catch a glimpse. When I turn around she is right behind me smiling. If you wouldn’t want me you wouldn’t close the curtains hahaha. Ok, you got what you wanted in the store, so now it is my turn. Fair is fair! Ok, what do you want from me now then? You, naked on my bed.

So we go upstairs to the bedroom. I undress myself and she grabs the belt from my pants. She ties my hands to the bed and I notice these won’t go off that easily. My feed are tied down wide to the feetpart of the bed. So, she goes on, now you are mine for as long as I want. My dick is all ready for acties as she crawls onto me with her pussy in my face. I want you to lick me till I come!

Ofcourse I listen and start licking her and sucking her clit. She tastes so sweet and my face is covered in her wetness. I try to lick it all! It doesn’t take long before I notice her body trembling. I think I did what needed to be done so I stop. Don’t stop she commands me, you have to lick until I squirt and she pushes her pussy closer to my face. I put my tongue in her pussy and she start riding my pussy while I try to keep my tongue and stoff as possible. I have never done is like this, but this girl is so horny I can’t protest at all.

When she comes the squirts all in my mouth. I try to swallow it all but it costs me quit some trouble. But the taste is good. She gets off of my face and takes my dick in her hand and starts playing with it. She starts slow but takes up the pace. Then she bows down with her head and takes the glance of my penis in her mouth while still jerking me off with her hand. Come, she tells me, I want you to come in my mouth. That’s all the encouragment I need and I explode in her mouth. So lett’s get freshened up a little and have a second round. No way I reply, this was enough. Well I don’t think you have anything to say about it cause you cannot go any way right now.

Am I being raped by a 16 year old?

Am I being raped by a 16 year old I ask myself? She is in the shower, when she returns she is looking for something in my nightstand. She comes back with lubricate, condoms and a dildo. She puts them on the bed and I ask her what she is up to. Don’t even try it she replies. I know you want all of this, because your dick speaks the truth. And tomorrow I am not here anymore so you better enjoy it while you can.

She stands over me and puts the dildo, which is a fairly large size all the way into her pussy. The sight of this makes me almost wanna come. Then she starts fucking herself with this dildo. While doing so she takes the lubricate and and drops some on my balls, it runs down between my ass onto the sheets. She kneels down with the dildo in her wet tight pussy and puts one finger without any hesitation up in my ass.

Auw, that hurts I reply somewhat angry. She pulls back her finger and slaps me in my face. Don’t even talk she sais with a firm voice. Let me do what I need to do and you will get an orgasm like you never ever had before. Now she pushes 2 fingers up in my ass. I moan a little because I have never experienced this and I feel a little humiliated as well. Especially because this girl is only 16 and already the boss over me. I decide to take a risk and tell her with the risk of it stopping.

When I start telling her I don’t want this she takes out the dildo from her pussy and puts it in my mouth. I almost start throwing up but before I reach that point she takes the dildo out and tells me she is the boss. If I speak again this dildo will go back in your mouth and won’t come out again. You can use a safeword: Princess and you can only use it when you are in real pain. Quickly I nodd yes while I feel her fingers fucking my asshole. She then starts sucking my dick at the same time.

Finally it starts feeling good and she has been noticing this. So she takes the dildo and puts it against my asshole. She pushes through and the dildo is up in my ass. Now the rolls down a condom on my dick and letts her wet tight pussy slide onto my dick. She sits on my dick with her back turned to me and I can feel her taking the dildo. She starts moving it up my ass and fucks my dick at the same time. I want to tell her how good it feels but all I can do is moan at this point. She starts moaning to and I fill up the condom with my sperm. She keeps on riding my dick which is still hard and she makes some really loud noises as she has an orgasm as well. While she gets up from my dick I can see her wet pussy and all the fluids running down her legs.

She unties me and kisses me on my mouth. Well? Wasn’t this the best orgasm ever? Well, yes, to be completely honest it was. You fucked me liked I have never been fucked before. Now I need to sleep.

End of part 1