The Mirror

Hi, my name is Marisa, 23 years old and I live with my mom and dad. I am 1.65 cm, weigh 70 kilo’s, got long brown hair, green eyes and a full 80C cup. Often when I come home I go to my bedroom where I got this large mirror on the wall. There I look at myself in the mirror and start undressing myself. I caress my body while looking in the mirror.

Usually I fantasize that a friend carresses me like that and teases me. Not that I am a lesbian, atleast I don’t think so, because I have had boyfriends always. But the thought of a girl touching me makes me super horny. I then lay down on the bed holding my legs up and wide open and watch myself in the mirror while playing with myself till I reach an orgasm. When I come I kiss myself in the mirror and smile.

The girlfriend I am fantazising about is Susan, she is just like me 23 years old, 170 cm long with long blond hairs, icy bleu eyes and this delicious pair of boobies. On this summer day I get an app when I am on my way to home. It’s Susan; girl are you home? I answer yes in about 20 minutes I am home. I already arrived on the driveway but I was this horny that I wanted to play with myself first in front of the mirror. And because Susan was coming I had some food for my fantasy.

I run upstairs and start undressing myself

When I come home I run upstairs to my mirror and start undressing myself. Slowly my hands caress my naked body. All the way from my neck slowly to lower parts of my body. My fingers touching my nipples where they immediately react. Down to my tummy arrive at my already wet pussy. I caress my innderthighs and then move on to my clit. Oh Susan this feels so good I whisper. Don’t stop now and I smile at myself in the mirror. I got this horny look in me eyes and I know it won’t take long before I come. One hand in my pussy and the other one pinching my nipples.

And then I begin to shock, ohh Susan, don’t stop, mhhhh ooooh, you are touching me perfect just like that. I bring up the tempo and then I come.

Suddenly the door opens, so sais Susan, you want me to have sex with you? Complety shocked and ashamed I pull my blanket over me. With my head all red I answer, uhmm…. well. I can’t find the words. There is something in the expression of Susans face, this sneaky smile on her face that I have never seen before.

She is extremely beautiful as she stands there. When I pick up myself aftet this shock I notice she is not wearing a bra underneath her top and her nippels are stiff. Don’t be ashamed doll, she tells me with a sweet voice. To be honest, me too fantasize about you sometimes. Make some room, lett me lay next to you.

Lett me see that pretty body of yours

Wow, I have dreamed about this moment, fantasized about this moment. Will it happen for real? Hmmm, Susan sais, lett me see that pretty body of yours and she pulls away my blanket. She leans over me, looks me deep in my eyes and then puts her sweet lips on mine. The taste of her tongue is heaven, so soft. I close my eyes to experience even better what is happening here.

Her hands are touching my body, my breasts and then down to my pussy. Slowly she starts fingerfucking me and sjeez she feels good. Much better then when I do it myself. I look in the mirror and the sight of her finger fucking me is so horny that I am coming already. But then she stops. Hey, what are you doing? Are you in a hurry, Susan smiles. You are already one orgasm ahead of me!

Touche, she has a point there. Well ok, take off your clothes and I will take care off you I whisper in her ears. In a jiffy all her clothes are on the ground. Girl I love your boobs! I start kissing them softly, bite in her nippes and she moans. Hmmm… I love how you do that she sais. I pretend I don’t hear her and continue with her lovely breasts. Then I start kissing her on her lips and continue kissing till between her legs.

Her pussy smells clean and when I lay my tongue on her clit I see how she enjoys that. I start licking her and caress her boobs with my hands. Then, start to suck on her clit and then continue licking, suck on her clit and so on. I feel her body starting to shake underneath me and that is my sign that I can take up the tempo. She screams while she comes. I smile and kiss her on her lips.

So, now we are even. No I don’t think so Susan whispers when she catches her breath back. You did it all by yourself, with your hand, and I enjoyed your tongue. Come and lay on me, she sais. As a good girl I obey her. She puts her hand between our bodies until she reaches my pussy. I kis her with so much passion.

Susan strokes my clit and it feels so fucking good that I cannot get a grip off myself and I start moaning again. Not yet she whispers. Turn around, put your pussy towards my head so I can lick you and you can lick me oké? Of course I want to lick her soft en tasteful wet pussy again and we join into a position 69.

I can feel how her warm, wet tongue is stroking my clit and I lick her as if my life depends on it. Carefully she puts in two fingers in my pussy and starts fucking me. I follow her example and with my fingers in her pussy I continue sucking her clit. Oh, I am about to come, she sais, how far are you? Yes, don’t stop, ooohhh, I come! Together we come and our bodies shock and shivver. With determanition I can keep my tongue on her clit when I feel how her body starts squirting. Her pussy wetness goes everywhere. On my hands and almost in my mouth as well.

I lick it all up and then I turn around and kiss her on her lips. What are you extremely horny, I say. Me? Have you seen yourself she replies. How about we do this more often?