The stroll

On my free days I like to take a stroll through the nature. There I can enjoy the views, piece and quitness. Just beeing by meself. Sometimes I see other people strolling but most of the times it is just Me, Myself and I. But today was a special stroll. I met this beautiful woman and we had a very horny adventure together.

When I kind of bumped into her I started flirting with her and she did not hold back on her part of flirting. Hornyness arose. She had this sexy body, small waist, nice boobs and not to forget her face was very pretty as well. She noticed she was making me horny and it did not take long before she pulled me near.

She lifted up her skirt and showed me her shaved pussy. I wanted to impress her as well and took my boner out of my pants. She looked all horny at my large cock and could not control herself. With her soft hands she started jerking me off. This only took about a few minutes and then eagerly she led my glans between her labium. She put my glans on her wet clit and stimulated herself with my penis. This was the best feeling ever. So horny, maybe even better then fucking a pussy.

Her pussy was soaking wet

Her pussy was soaking wet and she fucked me with her soft and wet labium. She enjoyed it and made all kind of noises. Then for a small while she pushed my penis in her and I fucked her while we were still standing. She was moaning all over the place. When my dick was all wet she lett me put my dick between her legs and I fucked her between her thigs. I fucked harder and faster while my dick was gliding passing by her clit. She came, I could feel and hear it.

That was the point where I could not hold in and I took my dick, pushed it into her pussy. Then I took it out again and ejaculated onto her pussy. My sperm dripped from her clit into her thong. And when I was finished ejaculating she gave me a kiss, pulled up her thong, fixed her skirt and started walking.

I came here for a walk in the nature. But heaven please lett me meet this woman again! This was the best kinky experience I had in a long time.