The Taxidriver

Is was this warm summer evening. I was studying still in Arnhem and I had a room there as well. This weekend I decided not to go back home because I had a lot of studying to do. And, on the other hand, I decided now I had the best opportunity do discover the nightlife in the city as well.

It’s Friday evening and me and my girl are headed out for a night in the town. It’s really cheerful and there is a good vibe around the Korenmarkt. After a few drinks we end up in this club where I meet Mike. Well meet, he’s a good danser and looks good. We have some dances together, before I now it we make out and all of the sudden the guards of the club kick us out on the streets.

Tipsy we look al each other and I decide to be a bad girl and ask Mike if he would like a drink at my place. Well, let me think about that. We walk to the taxi stands and I get into the first available taxi. Mike gives me a kiss, I ask him to get into the car. He tells me he don’t do sluts and slams the door. Completely shocked I look at the taxi driver and ask him, did you see that? Is that normal?

Well yes, the taxi driver said. I understand it. He is loaded and totally afraid he won’t even get up his dick this night. And he does not want to make a blunder with this cool chick. Ok, 2 points for this driver, who is also a fine ass man. How old are you and what’s your name? I ask the taxi driver. My name is Eugene and I am 23 years old. And how about you? I al 21 years old and my name is Stephanie. Nice to meet you Stephanie. Where are we headed tonight? Or do you just wanna sit here and have a chat he smiles.

I give my adres and we start driving, a few minutes later we end up at my doorstep after a good conversation in the car. I don’t feel like getting out and ask him how late he will be finished working. After the next drive, he responds, about 30 minutes.

That is if you let me go there? With still the booze running through my veins I tell him he won’t get rid off me that easy. And before I can even think about it I ask him for a drink. Yes I would love that, je replies, but after my next drive. Plus I need a chance to buy some condoms. Well ok, this is my room. If the lights are still on just press number. If not we will both be sorry this night.

It must be the alcohol that makes me this horny

The driver takes off and I am contemplating if this was the best choice for me to make. It must be the alcohol that makes me this horny to just invite a stranger to my house. But whatever, you only live once right? I quickly take a shower and then take another drink. After this drink I am going to bed I tell myself.

Before I finish my drink the doorbell rings. I look out of my window and see the taxi driver did return. My heart starts beating faster. Yes, then I will be fucked this night! He comes in and kisses me full on my mouth. His hands caressing my back and booty.

Hmm, he is a good kisser! I take off his tie and open his blouse while we continue kissing. In the meanwhile my shirt already came off and with one hand he unties my bra as well. This boy has experience and as far as I can feel it his dick is good sized too!

His hands are all over my body and mines on his. A little clumsy I try to unbutton his pants. But he says, let’s go upstairs and find your bedroom. How fucking horny am I? If he hadn’t said this I would have fucking him in the hallway!

I drank way more then what’s good for me. We walk upstairs to my room. He takes off his shoes and pants. I was right, his dick is huge! Think it’s like 20 centimeters or some and quite thick. I hope I can take this one!

He lifts me on the bed and takes off my skirt and thong in one fast movement. He kisses me again and his hands is already on my wet pussy. His lips move down to my neck, down to my breast where he takes the time to tease my nipples. Djeez he is moving in the right pace. Ik moan to make him go further. And he listens. On his way over my tummy, no not at my innerthighs! I want your mouth on my pussy.

But that’s a new experience

He doesn’t listen and pushed my legs wider, licks and kisses my inner thighs. Why is he teasing this long, isn’t is obvious that I want him? And then finally, I feel his tongue on my clit. If he does this I can come anytime. But no, he moves back to my labium, my inner thigh, my ass?

Ohh but that is a new experience, that feels good! I tell him I want his dick, he turns me to the side with his head down their. He licks my ass, my pussy, my clit while I lick his glans and suck his dick. Ohhh I can’t take this anymore, I …. need …. to….. I’m coming….

While I lay there enjoying this intens orgasm I realise he is putting on a condom and lays down on me. Without any warning he pushes his dick deep and hard in my pussy. Ohh, yes! I moan and make all kinds of noises. Fuck me, fuck me harder, your dick feels so good!

And he fucks me hard, harder than anyone has ever fucked me. Then I have another orgasm with his dick inside me and I can’t take anymore. Lett me suck you, I want you to come in my mouth.

He takes his dick out, takes off the condom and pushes his cock in my mouth. Like a hungry horse I begin sucking his cock and he puts two fingers in my pussy. His other hand on my clit.

When I feel like I cannot take anymore he makes me come again. And that’s his sign too apparently because I feel his dick getting even bigger in my mouth and then I taste his sperm. Completely knocked out I fall asleep next to him.

When I wake up a couple of hours later he is gone. Fuck, this is fucked up I think to myself. He was so nice, I would have wanted a second round. No number left behind on the nightstand?

No, shit I should have asked him yesterday. I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror with a smile. On the mirror written with my lipstick: you are so fucking nice, would like to see you again, my number is ……..Kiss, Eugene