Tinder date

Hi, my name is Mary and this is my story. I made a Tinder account while looking for a hot date. But still I had been single for a few months already and was just looking to get laid. And the boys at the bar are either not my type or I already know them.

So yes let’s try internet dating. A friend of mine told me to because he had gotten a date before through Tinder. So I made this account and was scrolling through the hot men. Then there was this guy Tim, he stoot out immediately. My age, slim, some muscles and he seemed like the sporty kind of guy. I appreciate that because I love to work out to.

Hi Tim, would you like to meet up for something exciting today? I send he. Then he replied, Hey hotty, what did you have in mind? My respons, I would want to watch you when you jerk off. Then I will help myself as well and you can play with my boobs. How does that sound? Sure, he said, when would you like to meet up then? This afternoon would do, I replied.

Well that was an easy fix! We made an appointment in the city, just 5 minutes from where I live and somewhere in plain sight of others. You never know who you really are going to meet right? But Tim understood this and was ok with it. 30 minutes before the agreed time I jumped in the shower and shaved myself as well. Beter be prepared up front, you never know what’s gonna happen right?

Right in time I was on the spot we arranged our date

Right in time I was on the spot where we agreed to meet. Someone poked me on my shoulder. As I look back I see the Tim. Thank God he looks exactly like his picture. Wow you are beautiful! is the first thing he tells me. And you smell good too, he continues as he gives me 3 kisses on my cheeks. Well Tim you look mighty fine yourself too! Would you like to have a drink at my place?

Ofcourse he is totally fine with this. I shed him a coke and take one myself. Then I place myself next to him on the couch and decide to kiss him. He turns his head to me and kisses me back. His tongue makes small circular movements around mine and in my mind I am already thinking about how that tongue movement would feel around my clit. No Mary stay decent. And on the other hand I think well we’ll see what’s gonna happen.

I notice him looking at my breasts and skirt. His mouth opens a little and I can see his arousel waking up in his pants. Shall I take it off? Well please he replies. But then you have to take something off as well! He takes off his shirt and I look at him like: really? That’s all? And take in his nice strong body with abs and all. I took of almost everything and sit here in my string and bra. Mhhh, you said something about playing with your boobs wasn’t it?

Oh yes, bring it on. His hands move to my breasts with a small hesitation. Quickly I take off my bra. Now he meets with my small B cup breasts and looks at them. Wow, they are even better then I imagined. Don’t you think they are too small? Absolutely not he replies, I really don’t like big boobs, yours are just perfect. He starts caressing me from my neck down to my breasts. Shiffers on my body already, his touch is really good. Even my pussy is getting wet from just his touch.

It’s been so long that my pussy got wet this fast

His hands move down to my breasts and in a playful way the takes one of my nipples and pulls on it. It feels really good the way he does it. He caresses and squeezes with the right amount of variety and makes me so incredible horny with his touches that I tell him to take off his pants. I want to feel his dick in my hands. When he takes off his pants and boxer in one movement I come eye to eye with his big dick. It is already in full state of readiness and the glans of his penis is all shiny. Now that I am naked it is only fair that you take off your thong as well, he whispers.

Ofcourse he is right so I stand op, turn around and take of my thong. This way he gets a nice glimp on my ass and I can feel his eyes burning from my back. When I sit down he is already playing with his dick. I take off his hand from his dick and bring them to my breasts. Just continue playing with it, I tell him. And I close my hand around his dick. This is so fucking horny!

He moves his head to my breast and I decide even though this was not part of our arrangement to lett him have his freedom. He now licks my nipples and bites in them as weel. Could I get more horny? I bring my hand down to my clit and start playing with it. This is so nice I whisper to him.

He asks me if I would like it for him to bring his fingers in me and for him to continue jerking off. No, ofcourse not! Just go ahead and I lean backwards on my arms. I pull up my leggs so my labium widens up for his better access. He notices how wet I am down there and starts jerking off to this sight. With his other hand he touches my vagina and as soon as he makes the first touch I feel shivers of complete desire running through my body.

Real slowly he is playing with my klit and making half moon movements. I enjoy his touching so much that I almost have my eyes complete closed. With one half eye open I can see how he stops jerking off and takes place between my legs. He now puts in two fingers of his other hand between my legs and I start moaning.

When he notices me making these noises he brings up his tempo. Meanwhile in my mind I am wishing I had asked him to lick me. As if he can read my mind at the point where I am almost at the point of coming I feel his warm tongue on my clit and I cannot stop myself. With more noise then I intented I arrive to this point and I come.

Sorry, he sais. I know that was not part of the agreement, but you are so fine that I just couldn’t help myself. I needed to have a taste of you. Still a little out of breath I tell him that I am not complaining, because you tasting was very good. Just come and stand over me, when I am cooled down a little I will help myself some more. He does as I say and stand here with his beautiful penis in his hands.

Time to take revenge

Now it’s time to take revenge I decide upfront. He is just standing here looking at my naked body jerking himself off. He looks enjoying it a lot and maby I even notice his desire for more in his eyes. Just wait and see I think to myself. He starts jerking of at a faster pace now and I notice his breathing. This won’t take any longer. Quickly I sit down straight and without any warning I take his dick in my mouth all the way into the back of my throat. His hands are now on my head and I start sucking him fast and deep.

Hmmm, you are so incredibly sweet, he sais, this beautiful and this horny and these sucking skills! If you don’t watch out I come all over you. Well he better should have stayed quit. Even faster en deeper in my throat I suck on his dick and after just a few seconds I feel his penis expand and explode in my mouth.

This big load of sperm is being sprayed into my mouth. I start to swallow and swallow and lick the glans of his penis till it is all cleaned up. Satisfied the sits down next to me and starts kissing me. So, what am I glad I had the dat of and have found you as my date on Tinder. If you like it I would date you more often, he continues.

Hey, what where you thinking? That I was already done with you? I reply. Well I hoped not but I don’t want to forse myself upon you. Anyway, he went home the next day and we needed a full day to recover. What happened in bed, under the shower and in the hallway I might tell you in a next story.